5 Running Over 50 Tips

5 Running Over 50 Tips


For those running over 50 who believe that jogging or running puts too much pressure on their joints and feet that it may cause injuries. However, if you run correctly and make the proper adjustments, the pressure on the joints can be relieved and the feet will not suffer nearly as much as you might believe.

The truth is that running or jogging is good for anyone at any age as long as they do not suffer from a specific condition that makes the exercise painful or impractical. For someone over running over 50 there will need to be some subtle changes made to ensure that they can sustain the effort without any stress on the legs, knees, ankles and feet.


Buy a Great Pair of Running Shoes

The shoes are the foundation of your feet when you run, so be sure to get at least a couple of pairs of high quality running shoes. The shoes should properly fit your feet so they do not create any blisters, damage your skin or inhibit the circulation. You’ll want to buy at least two pair and alternate them so they will last longer.


Eat Healthy Foods & Hydrate

You will want to eat something that is good for your body and provides plenty of energy. Along with proper hydration this will help prepare your body for the running that you will be doing. Water really helps your body stay more limber allows the good food you eat to provide the energy needed for your run.

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Keep Feet Low to the Ground

You may not win any style points, but you do want to keep your feet low to the pavement in a manner that is close to shuffling them. This action greatly reduces the impact of each step and helps protect your knees, shins, ankles and feet from unnecessary wear and tear.


Run at the Proper Pace

You should go fast enough to breathe a little more deeply, but you should not be huffing and puffing as that is a sign you are going too fast. You need to go at the speed that your body can keep up. Over time, you’ll start to run faster naturally as a result.


Walk, then Run

The best way to get the most out of your running is by mixing it up with walking. Start with a brisk walk to warm up the legs and then run a little before walking again. By mixing it up, you can maintain a good heart rate that will burn away the excess calories while building up your endurance.


Carry a Cellphone

In case something does happen, be sure to have a smartphone or cellphone on you with 911 or the emergency number in your contacts so that you can quickly dial it up. Too many people leave themselves without the ability to call for help when jogging in parks or out in rural areas, so be sure that you have a phone on you to make the call in case the worst should occur.

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