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Because we value our readers time we want to always provide the best running information available.  Click the links below to see a comprehensive list of the most useful running resources that we recommend. 

General Running Information

Check out some of the top running blogs that provide exceptional information on running, training, nutrition and running gear that is helpful for any runner.  They are regularly updated so you get the most recent running news and product reviews.

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Want to run with like-minded people? You can enjoy running with people that enjoy the sport as much as you.   Joining a running group gives you the opportunity to learn what others are doing, which can only make you a better runner.  The groups offer runners the chance to participate in various types of workouts: long runs, short runs, hills, sprints, etc.

Check out these sites if you want to maintain a healthy diet that helps you sustain your running lifestyle and stay hydrated at the same time.

Track your training runs, race splits, and even predict race times with these sites.

If you are ready to run in your first race check out the links:

Learn more about the organizations that govern race events and organize and promote competitive running and training.

Book your trip for an upcoming race with the help of these sites

Running Gear

Here are a few sites runners check out before they decide to purchase any new gear.


Outside online

Outdoor Gear Lab 

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Many runners like to buy their running gear online for various reasons, but many runners love discount prices and the convenience of shopping on the net. Here are the recommended stores to purchase running gear and gifts online:


Runners Pace 

Road Runners Sports 

Running Warehouse

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While there are different ways to get information, runners still prefer to obtain their running information by reading a good book. Here is the best  site to find helpful running books:


There are a lot of helpful books on running and here are a few of the top recommended ones by runners

Charity Organizations

Here are some worthy organizations for runners seeking to dedicate their run to raising funds and awareness for a specific cause.