Harveys Marathon run 4Hello my name is Harvey Leon and welcome to Runners Pace .   I like to share my background with you and how I got to his point.  I’m hoping my story will inspire you too!

I was a healthy young man in my twenties when I started running to stay in shape and maintain my great physique.  I had the exercise part mastered, but my diet wasn’t always the best.  As I got older, I started to notice that the junk food I was eating was staying with me.  In addition, my food became my comfort as I dealt with the pressure of raising a family and working all the time.  To my surprise before long my weight increased to 270 pounds from 215 and my running became less and less.  My health definitely was suffering.  The real wake up call happened one day after I watched a 400 pound man go into full cardiac arrest.  That moment changed me forever and that’s when I decided to reevaluate my health.

Since that time, I have stayed committed to a healthy diet and an active running lifestyle.   I am more conscious about my health and am proud of the runner I have become.  I run almost everyday and I am constantly varying my workouts, running with friends, and participating in races.

I want to share my love of running and enthusiasm for a healthy life with everyone!  With the support and help of my lovely wife, Renee, and my dear friends, Robin Coleman and Elizabeth Marie, Runners Pace was started to celebrate the running lifestyle.

Our mission is to sell gifts that motivate, inspire and celebrate runners and their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.



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